Coffee life 🚲 日本・海外どこまでもコーヒー・カフェのある生活。

カフェめぐり ~Cafe hopping~ ときどき食事/Food, 飲み物/drink etc..について思うままに。。

English) Delicious Breakfast at Two Pups Coffee in Dublin🚲

 ✨Delicious Breakfast ✨


I went to Two Pups Coffee and ate Breakfast.

 I always had an interest in Cafe.

I ordered cafe latte before I took a seat.


There was peach and cream cheese on the bread.

The Bread was Hard, but Peach was very juicy and cream cheese was good.

It was a good combination.

very goooood.

I could eat this forever.

The Cafe latte was better than expected.

I think it goes well with bread.

Thanks to the Cafe latte my brain could wake up.

The cafe has gotten packed with people from noon.


This is off topic,

How many people are involved in a cup of coffee?
I pick up lists

1. The People who grow coffee beans
2. The People who picking coffee beans
3. The People who Hand picking coffee beans
4. The People who roast coffee beans
5. The People who is carrying roasted coffee
6. The People who is maiking latte
7. The People who is carrying latte
I think there are still many people involved,
Thank you for delicious coffee and a nice time.

I hope that this feeling reaches for those involved.


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 Monday~Friday 8:00~16:00

Saturday~Sunday 9:30~16:00



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